Female Sports Group is committed to become the leading authority on female and mixed gender sports.

Mission Statement.

Female Sports Group’s overall mission is to be a major contributor towards helping increase female sport’s share of sponsorship investment from 0.2% to 3% by 2018. In real terms that will be an increase of annual investment from £1.7 million to £26 million.

Female Sports Group will assist brands to develop a pro-active sponsorship strategy in mixed gender and female sport in order that brands can fully utilise this rapidly growing sector as a key marketing tool.

Female Sports Group will provide rights holders with a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses from a commercial perspective in order to enable the rights holder to maximise their commercial returns


Female Sports Group work closely with global leaders in sports marketing research, Repucom.

This enables Female Sports Group to utilise a vast database of information about female and mixed gender sports across more than 30 countries and provides Female Sports Group with unique insights into this marketplace.

This will allow Female Sports Group to give strong strategic insights within the overall marketplace to our clients.